What They Say About Us

‘An enthralling, hypnotic three piece oddity . . . The songs themselves climb into your head and then simply refuse to leave. Logic says this shouldn’t work, but it does. Completely and utterly wonderful.


I suspect TFTBI don’t know how good they are, or even if they do, they just don’t care. They’re just that kind of band. If like me you want to hear more songs, and see them playing more gigs, nag at them on their website. Go on, nag them. NOW!


' Artrocker




 ‘The band is driven by a ‘haunting and mournful’ vocalisation of a lyrical style that’s as close to Samuel Beckett and Dylan Thomas as to Leonard Cohen or Nick Cave. An acoustic guitar/vocal is accompanied by the absolute ethereal and surreal sound of the musical saw. This is underpinned by the beautiful tones of the double bass. However, in keeping with an avowed avant-garde status, the bass is a hand-made, one-off, bespoke “suitcase bass" (“This has to be seen to be believed", we were told).


So, a truly original and unique act . . .beautiful to listen to and visually compelling.


Folk on the Lawn




‘Iwent to see a band with an unforgettable name last week — The Face That Boils Itself (TFTBI). I had already seen this strange and wonderful band at a previous Music Monday and was excited by the prospect of seeing them again: they did not disappoint.


They had just returned from playing Glastonbury, where, apparently, they went down a storm. Their style of music has been described as ‘woodland folk’ but I would be hard pushed to come up with a couple of words that encapsulates their sound.

. . . some of their songs had that portentous feel to them – particularly a song called Harbinger – but they can be playful as well. I had hoped they would play Sweet Bum Cheeks which they did last time, but it was not on the playlist this time around.


 . . . it would be great to see them as a more regular fixture of Music Mondays – or indeed see them anywhere at all on a more frequent basis.


Catherine Foley, CQ




‘T onight I’m at The Lincolnshire Poacher, to see one of Nottingham’s best kept musical secrets, The Face That Boils Itself and I have to tell you, I’m practically incoherent with anticipation! You see, I saw TFTBI at Nottingham’s The Chameleon last year, and it was one of the gigular highlights of 2012.


Lyric wise though, TFTBI are in a weird n’ wonderful world of their own.


Go and see them live!!

Let them into your life!!!

You’ll not regret it.'